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Lead Detection

Our EPA certified lead inspectors provide lead consulting services to private consumers, commercial and government agencies. Our Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment procedures include a thorough test for presence of lead using state-of-the-art XRF (X-Ray Florescence) Analyzers*, infrared photography and meta-data collection. Our goal is to provide our clients with an accurate analysis of their environment in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Our analysis is provided quickly and efficiently. We test in a Surface-by-Surface method, interior and exterior, for any instance of lead beyond Federal guidelines (1.0mg/cm2).

Important facts regarding Lead contamination/exposure:

  • Childhood Lead Poisoning has been identified as the #1 child health risk in the United States, reducing IQ and causing a host of other permanent, serious health effects. Adults also can suffer ill effects from exposure to lead resulting in a myriad of health issues, affecting their quality of life. Unlike other health issues, lead poisoning is entirely preventable.

  • The Federal Government has taken an active role by formulating a plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by 2010.

  • The "Residential Lead Hazard Reduction Act of 1992" ( Title X ) started it all with the Real Estate Disclosure in 1996. That was followed by HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule in 2000.

*The XRF (x-ray fluorescence analyzer) method of testing is quick, non destructive, and is the preferred method by HUD for testing of homes and buildings. XRF testing is non-destructive, fast, cost-efficient and legally defensible.

If your home or office was built prior to 1978, we urge you to have it tested for the presence of Lead based paint and/or hazards. Contact us today.




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